In 2017, Global Woman magazine launched its Global Woman Awards with

a big goal to recognise the talented women who are giving a positive contribution to their society all around the world.

The Global Woman Awards recognises the achievements of women who represent different backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and ages.

Our aim is to empower women locally and connect them globally. Women who are contributing for positive change in the world, women who build communities, and share their talents/skills to help other people, deserve to be recognised globally.

We are proud to announce that this year, Global Woman Awards are now open.

We have built communities around the world in cities and countries such as: London & Birmingham – UK; Paris – France; Amsterdam – The Netherlands, Stockholm - Sweden, Frankfurt - Germany, Cyprus, Tirana – Albania; Kosovo; Manila – The Philippines; Johannesburg - South Africa; Zurich – Switzerland; Mongolia; New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles – USA.

The winners of the Global Woman Awards 2024 will be announced at the Gala Dinner in UK Parliament on 9th March 2024, with a trophy and certificate presentation.

Note: Nominations for the Global Woman Awards 2024 closes on 25th Feb, 2024

By highlighting the accolades of inspirational female talent, Global Woman hopes to encourage more women to become more visible and not hide their potential but use their skills and abilities do bring positive change for the world. Through giving women a platform where they can show their potential, we hope to bring more gender balance and equality in the world. Please refer to our frequently asked questions if you require any additional information or email

Have questions about our Global Woman Awards?

You can find some of our frequently asked questions below.

What happens if I’m shortlisted?

If you are shortlisted, you will receive an email from Global Woman detailing your achievements and what happens next.Once shortlisted, you will be invited to attend the Virtual Global Woman Summit so you will be there when we announce the winners.

The winners will also be featured in the Global Woman Magazine.

When and where is the award’s ceremony?

The Global Woman Awards 2024 will be held at the1 Parliament St, London SW1A 2JR, United Kingdom

on 8th March 2024. This will bring together more than 100 hundred people from around the world for Red Carpet pictures, a drinks reception, and Grand Gala Dinner, with the Awards Ceremony presentations for the winners.

Can we get feedback if we have been unsuccessful?

Unfortunately, due to the amount of nominations, we are unable to offer feedback for specific individuals.

Does being a finalist and a speaker at the Global Woman Summit give any advantage to the finalist?

Only in the sense that the speaker will have some more visibility in the promotion of the Global Woman Summit, however the public voting and the judges decision will have been made before the Summit and the awards has taken place. It is for you as the nominator and the finalist to generate publicity and visibility for any other activities.

Note: Should a nominee or finalist wish to be a speaker at the Global Woman Summit they

can contact us at :

How can I keep up to date?

If you have been nominated, you will receive emails from Global Woman throughout the process, detailing what’s happening next and whether you have been shortlisted or not.

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin for updates and more.


Get in touch with your query via I have bought a ticket for Global Woman Summit & Awards 2024 and not able to attend on 28th & 30th June 2024.

Can I transfer the ticket to someone else who can attend? Yes. You can transfer your ticket to someone else, however we will need to register the person who will be attending. Please send us an email at


Global Woman will screen all entries after the closing date to ensure they are fit for purpose for our judges. Should a nomination be incomplete, we reserve the right to discard the entry.Unfortunately, we would not be able to chase individuals for missing details. Therefore please ensure whoever nominates you completes all the required questions to the best of their ability.

What is the Global Woman Awards 2024?

Global Woman Awards recognise the inspirational women around the world who are distinguished for their outstanding work within one of the categories that we have selected.

When do nominations close?

March 8th 2024 Winner will be announced

Global Woman Awards will be announced at the Global Woman Summit with a Gala Dinner and Red Carpet.

Can I nominate more than one individual?

Yes, you can nominate as many individuals as you like. Please ensure your nomination meets the requirements for entry. You can find our award’s guidance and criteria HERE

Does it cost to nominate? Or is there a charge to nominate anyone?

Our awards are free to enter.However, if you are selected as one of our shortlist, you will be invited to a prestigious ceremony, with which there is a ticket cost. You will be able to buy individual tickets and/or tables from the Global Woman website, once the shortlist is announced

I was nominated last year but I didn’t make the shortlist/winner’s event, can I enter again?

We would encourage all of previous entrants to re-enter for the awards. However, previous winners will not be recognised for a consecutive year.

What if I am nominated multiple times?

Those nominated a number of times are treated in the same way as a single entry. We will use the most comprehensive nomination received in the judging process. Those who receive multiple nominations do not have an advantage over those who only receive a single nomination.

I have been nominated and want to nominate someone else?

We absolutely encourage nominees pay it forward and nominate others.

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